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The Litigation Finance Problems at

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say hello and update everybody on things going on at

Around a year ago my all of our lives here got pretty hectic. We were all in the office on a Wednesday and doing the work that we usually do and then we heard a nock on the office door. I went to answer it and from there our life over here fell apart.Litigation Finance image for psw

As I answered the door a man that I had never saw before said hello and with out a breath he said “you are being served“. With that my jaw hit the floor. I was stunned and did not know what to do as he snapped a picture with a old camera ( I think that it was a d100) and with that he was gone.

I looked at the paper work and due to legal reasons I cannot go into it to much but needless to say it was a lawsuit because of a website that had nothing to do with us.

I called up the person listed as the plaintiff on the suit and told him that the website listed in the complaint was not mine. With that he told me that it was not in his best interest to speaking to me and if I had any other questions to please contact his lawyer.

With that I did. His lawyer told me that they had done their research and that we owned the website. It did not matter how many times I told him that it was not he did not believe me.

After that 30 min conversation I hung up the phone. With that I knew it was time to call my lawyer. I called him and told him what was going on with that he told me to fax over the paperwork to him.

I faxed it over to him and about a week later I got a call back from him. He told me not to worry there was nothing there as long as I what I told him was true about owning the website. I confirmed that I did not own any website by the name that was in the lawsuit. At that time he told me though if I wanted to I could I think he said “countersue” them for I think he said deformation of character. I asked him what that entailed and he told me but we were going to have to spend some time in court. I told him to do it and he did.


That is how it started. It became a ugly fight that was going on for way too long. It started to drain my accounts (if you have never been in a court case DON’T. You have no idea how much it cost to do it). I was in need of litigation funding and I had my lawyer call and I got the funding to go on.

After that it was smooth sailing after that. The plaintiff was loosing money and need more so they pulled out but not before i had the judgement in my favor. I am thankful that it is done now and looking back I wish that this did not have to happen but I was glad that I was able to survive it. I thought during the middle of it that I was going to loose this website but I lucky we did not.

With that being said I know that we have not updated the website as often as we have in the past and that is the reason why. With that in the rearview mirror now we can get back to talking about cameras. So next time we will talk about the new flashes coming out this fall.


About US

We love to talk about photography / movies and that is what we do. From lighting to the new lenses and cameras on the horizons. If you have any questions please email  us a and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you are looking for us to go over your info and tell you what we think give us a lighting diagram with the images and what your set up was. Who knows it might be featured on the website.


Best of luck

comparing softboxes

Photo talk. Here we talk about everything relating to taking photos. From lighting modifiers to new camera and lenses to flashes and everything else coming out in the picture taking world.

If you have questions about Adobe Photoshop or Gimp do not look any further. Today we are going to tackle one of these items.

Lighting modifiers – Softboxes

The “softbox’ is a lighting modifier that goes over the flash. It is made out of fabric. The front is usually white and color and is semi transparent. Usually the outside of the softbox is black in color and on the inside it is silver or white with ridges. It is used to make light bounce around the inside of the box before going out through the front of the semi transparent front. It softens shadows and gives light a not so harsh look. Used by amateur and professional photographers for decades. Lets review some of them. This is a general review of the brands of these softboxes.


    1. White lighting-

Generally the cheapest of all of the softboxes around. Quality is so so. If you are starting out this is the way to go. It will give you an idea of what you would like in a softbox and what you do not like. All the ones below are an upgrade but they are all different and more expensive.

    1. Chimera-

This is one of the most common softboxes in the industry. Used by movie production company’s around the world. Based in Colorado they are a movie and photography standard. Great quality and good overall light softening. More expensive than the white lighting brand but definitely a step up in the photo/movie world.

    1. Profoto-

A lighting modifier company from europe. Great quality and great overall light softening. These softboxes give a sort of a commercial type look. If you are doing portraits or commercial photography these are a great fit but they do come at a price. Usually more expensive than chimera or white lighting but the lighting that comes out is definitely quality wise above the previous two.

    1. Broncolor-

Broncolor has been around for a long time. All of the items they make are at the top in quality and also in price. If you have enough money for one of these softboxes and want one GET IT. You will not be disappointed by it. It is the softest in light quality compared to all of the companies above. If I had enough money I would get a para umbrella. It is a must if you do portrait photography and want to stand out from you competition.

If you want to check out some companies that use these types lighting setups check out some of the models on others free sites, lots of them have great control of light even know it is focused on different types of photography they have great use of lighting modifiers. Lots of softlight and also lots of use of grids (which we will cover next update). So it is very flattering to the human form.

Another site that is great to see great lighting even know it is in movie form and not photography (same rules still apply though) is at this It is a list of great lighting elements in photography and the movies from Sin City to Silence of the Lambs. Great info on how to use lights and see the effect of what is going on in the diagrams that are on their site.

We will talk to you next time about grids.


See you soon